The Teen Nation Tour is a peer-to-peer community service program to educate and entertain youth about bullying in a way students can relate – through music.

The tour is free for schools and features young emerging recording artists from around the country who perform Top 40 country, pop, and rock hits. Artists share personal bullying experiences, discuss the types of bullying, and prevention options. The group also performs concerts on weekends and evenings at non-school venues such as concert halls, arenas, and more.

What once started as a grassroots effort in 2012 with a few stops has quickly grown to more than 330 school and other venue performances in about 40 cities, 22 states, reaching more than a half-million people in 2014.

The Teen Nation Tour was created and executed by former business owner, police officer, and veteran Lee Wilson, 43, after his son was bullied and beaten on a school bus, videotaped, and posted on YouTube. He founded the tour to in an effort to take a stand against bullying and to provide young people a creative outlet to spread the anti-bullying message.

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